Learning and Talent Management Services

Samson provides personal and/or organizational learning, training, and facilitation services through face-to-face or virtual delivery modes.  We are surrounded by competent specialists with decades of experience in various government organizations.

Training, Workshops & Learning Solutions

Samson provides a team of trainers specialized in several areas of public and private sector management in both official languages. All our facilitators have extensive experience as managers and executives. They are committed to providing high-quality, relevant training to all target audiences, including administrative staff, senior management, and professionals.SERVICE DE FORMATION.jpgOur facilitators have delivered sessions to over 140,000 public and private sector employees in Canada and abroad. They have worked directly with dozens of federal public service departments and agencies, including the Canada School of Public Service. Samson has extensive experience in the field of finance and administration. This includes financial management, budgeting and reporting, a delegation of authority, contracting and procurement, government machinery, project management, grants and contributions management, internal controls, and risk management.  

Samson also offers training services for human resources, employee management, and supervisor/manager development. We also offer sessions on hot topics such as stress management and work-family balance. In addition, Samson is the only authorized provider of M3I training in the Outaouais region.

Samson offers services at all stages of the training and facilitation life cycle. Starting with a needs analysis, it moves on with course and workshop design; module customization; course or workshop facilitation; training evaluation and ends with the reporting of results. We favour an experiential approach and can deliver training in a variety of formats; classroom, webinar, or various types of distance learning. We can also assist you in the development of learning strategies and plans as well as competency management and individual or group coaching as defined in our second pillar.

Our learning and training services cover all of the following corporate sectors

Sector Table-ENG-13.jpg

Our training can be developed and delivered to a specific organization, covering the fundamentals for all government agencies. The training offer can be modified and tailored to the specifications of that organization to meet its specific needs, for example, a departmental transformation or the implementation of new systems or applications. Process and procedure updates can also be integrated into the service offering developed specifically for you.  

Samson can be an important player in your organizational transformation and just as useful in helping you train new employees. We are available to assess your training and learning needs and develop products that fit your situation.

Samson believes in continuous development and self-directed learning opportunities. This new service offering is available online or in person. It will allow you to choose, register and participate in general training that will help you improve your knowledge and skills. In addition, being in contact with other participants is an excellent opportunity to develop your professional network.

Samson wants to distinguish itself by providing training adapted to adults, participative, engaging, and above all very stimulating. Its training is developed by encouraging reflection, listening, and practicing of each participant's experiences. 

Organization and facilitation of workshops or events

Samson can support and organize events, workshops, and conferences for clients seeking turnkey solutions. We can take care of all logistics, provide experienced facilitators and subject matter experts and prepare event reports. 

Various services can be added to these events such as online polling or voting, individual or group psychometric assessments, entertainment, catering, and accommodation. The purpose of the workshop and/or event could cover various purposes such as an annual retreat to update your business plan or risk profile, brainstorming sessions on talent management, innovation and creativity, team building events, etc.


These training workshops are available in English and French and delivered to accommodate the client.  They are available in virtual and face-to-face formats. The content of the training can be tailored according to the duration that suits you.



Conferences target larger groups, from 50 to 250 participants, and are often a key topic at all-staff meetings.  Depending on your objectives and expected duration, they can be tailored to your needs.



Approach to training development

Needs analysis and learning strategies

Samson can help you identify your training needs and develop an integrated learning strategy. Our approach involves consultation with key stakeholders to ensure customized solutions and client support. Based on the competency profiles or job requirements of target groups, a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) will be useful for:

  • Identify the gap between current and required levels of knowledge and skills;
  • Develop a customized learning program, combining customized or tailored solutions;
  • Develop training plans, including course objectives, methodology, content, time and evaluation tools; and,
  • Provide a basis for evaluating the effectiveness of your learning activities.

Samson will provide the organization with a roadmap for employee development and improvement. The proposed strategy may include a variety of approaches to transferring knowledge and skills either through classroom, distance learning, mentoring, coaching or on-the-job learning. 

Training design and customization

Samson can offer generic courses or customize the material to each client's operational reality (business processes, policies, procedures, etc.). Our long experience with the federal government indicates that our clients get a better return on investment when learning is tailored to the client's environment.

Course/workshop delivery (see course curriculum)

Samson offers various types of training for the private and public sectors. Learning can be customized to best suit the needs of the client. It can be delivered in modules of two to three hours or in one, two, or three-day sessions to minimize work interruptions. Training can be delivered in a variety of modes (classroom, webinar, and various e-learning solutions).

Classroom delivery may be accompanied by mentoring or coaching as well as technical support as needed.  

Training Evaluation

Samson uses an evaluation approach based on the last four levels of Kirkpatrick's training evaluation model.

Sector Table-ENG-14.jpg  Sector Table-ENG-15.jpg

Sector Table-ENG-16.jpg  Sector Table-ENG-17.jpg

Professional development coaching and mentoring

Samson now offers Coaching and Mentoring services for supervisors and executives.  It is possible to develop a professional development plan for each client.

It is also possible to obtain preparation services for the various government hiring processes. This new practice includes candidate assessment, key competency development, interview panel exercises, and constructive feedback. GESTION DE TALENTS.jpgSamson recognizes that many clients are under-resourced. We can provide support to fill vacant positions on a temporary or permanent basis. We can also provide coaching to broaden the skills of current staff and solidify their development to ensure proper succession by meeting your organization's hiring needs.

The success of an organization is closely linked to the development of its employees and the growth of their skills. Professional development plans and talent management are at the heart of your company's success. Samson supports continuous training and contributes to the retention of key procedures. 

Managers, executives, and leaders must make it a point to know themselves and recognize the impact of their actions on their people. A leader's success is dependent on the success of his or her people, including team members. His success also depends on his energy level, hence the importance of the time he must spend taking care of himself.

Complete development programs for supervisors and managers are now offered in collaboration with the M3I Institute

The M3I program allows the development of human resources management skills focused on daily supervision. The current context of the workplace requires companies to manage people in a humane and effective manner so that each employee can develop his or her full potential.

The Essential Level is designed for the supervisor/manager who wants to be able to respond appropriately at all times and perform their role with ease and confidence.

The training includes individualized coaching sessions that run concurrently with the training workshops.TALENT MANAGEMENT_1.jpg  Sector Table-ENG-19.jpg

For more information on M3I products: Institute M3I

Samson now offers Coaching and Mentoring services for supervisors and executives. We can create a personalized professional development plan to support our clients. We also offer preparation services for the various hiring and promotion processes within the government. This new practice encompasses candidate assessment, key competency development, mock interviews with selection boards and constructive feedback. We are available to meet with you. Please contact Manon Fillion.

Samson offers individual coaching for your own leadership development or career transition, as well as group coaching for team leaders and managers.  We also offer self-awareness tools such as the NOVA Profile, and the 7 D Profile (management performance indicators), in the use of Myers-Briggs MBTI™, SuccessFinder™, Insight™, and 360™ psychometric tools.

Here is the list of coaches and mentors available at Samson and their profiles.

Manon Fillion, Associate Partner, Coach and Mentor, Learning Services and Talent Management

Being a courageous leader is taking controversial decisions, never hesitating to have difficult conversations, and being inclusive of differences.

Louis Beauséjour, Coach, Learning Services and Talent Management

I would like to offer my services in individual coaching in leadership development and career transition, as well as in group coaching for team leaders and managers and by offering a self-awareness tool: the NOVA Profile.

Roxanne Dubé, Mentor, Learning Services and Talent Management

Happy to discuss how to be an agent of change in a risk averse environment and other challenges.

Joanne Frappier, Mentor, Learning Services and Talent Management

Time flies at the speed of light, don’t hesitate to invest in yourself!

Judy Charles, Coach, Learning Services and Talent Management

Helping you become your best self.

Sylvie Marcil, Coach, Learning Services and Talent Management

The pressure on leaders today is tremendous. My passion is to support them in their challenges and in maintaining their own balance and resilience, based on who they are.

Andrew McAlister, Coach et Mentor, Learning Services and Talent Management

You will never know your full potential unless you unlock it.

Chantal Simard, Coach, Learning Services and Talent Management

Coaching allows you to open up to a world of possibilities, rather than focusing on obstacles!

Caroline Dunn, Coach, Learning Services and Talent Management

I look forward to embracing the opportunity to develop the potential of managers and executives by coaching them with their career plans and helping them become strong leaders.

Janet Mrenica, Coach, Learning Services and Talent Management

Passionate about supporting individuals to become aware and move beyond where one shows up today. I believe there is a leader in every chair.


Manon Fillion, Associate Partner | 343.961.1939 | Email

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