Careers at Samson

5 Reasons to join our team


Samson offers a fulfilling and stimulating work environment that promotes dialogue and effectiveness. We take daily steps to help everyone find an ideal work-personal life balance.

Varied job opportunities

Your career with us will be built around a wealth of experiences. It will not be a linear path but one filled with a variety of meetings, projects and achievements.

A pleasant work environment

Samson offers a first-rate work environment with efficient tools tailored to your needs. Our workspaces can be adapted to your needs, be these related to group projects or to solo projects requiring a quieter work environment.

A network of experts at your fingertips

Our firm is the ideal place to expand your network and to meet new friends and acquaintances from whom you can learn, grow personally and professionally, and achieve new career milestones.

Team spirit

Samson’s team is tight-knit, so you can expect to work with very friendly colleagues on joint projects and to take part in activities that will help you grow both personally and professionally at work.

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