Audit and Evaluation

Samson has over 30 years of experience in the conduct of audits, evaluations, management practices reviews/audits and other special studies. Through this work, we provide insight  on the appropriate use of human and financial resources as well as program and service delivery to ensure they are relevant, efficient and effective. We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals that have developed an expertise in key audit and evaluation services.

Our key audit and evaluation services:

Our team of experienced and specialized professionals go above and beyond by providing:

  • Compliance audits of recipient agreements and other transfer payments.
  • Advice on the use and monitoring of Transfer Payments, including the development of audit programs and guidelines.
  • Horizontal audits of Recipient Organizations.
  • Initial audit visits to clarify the terms and conditions of the agreement and to prepare the Recipient for an eventual compliance audit.


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For over 25 years, Samson & Associates has been working with Chief Audit Executives, Management and Audit Committees within various public service organizations (Federal Government Departments and Agencies, Provincial Government as well as Municipal Government) to assist them with their internal audit operations.

Flexible and Tailored Service Delivery: We can adapt to your need by providing:

  • A fully outsourced internal audit function
  • Delivery of internal audit projects
  • Co-sourcing arrangements
  • Staff augmentation

Internal Audit Project Delivery: Our project delivery is characterized by:

  • Numerous senior professionals
  • Involvement of subject matter experts
  • Data analytics and continuous auditing
  • Bilingual resources

Professional Practices: Our services support the maturity of the function:

  • IA function assessment
  • IA quality assurance
  • Risk based audit planning
  • Training

Subject Matter Experts: A large team of experts

  • Complete suite of real property experts
  • IM/IT management, IT/Cyber Security and IT Project Delivery
  • Procurement, finance and human resources
  • Physical Security and Occupational Health and Safety


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Within the IT community, IT Audit is an overused term, often loosely used for any form of IT activity review. From a professional standards perspective however, IT audit is a very structured process through which adequate and sufficient evidence is gathered to support audit findings and conclusions.

Our IT audit team has successfully completed well over 100 audits in areas related to information technology, information security, information management, governance, projects, and other IT areas, Samson has one of the largest team of seasoned IT auditors within the National Capital Region with professional designations such as Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP), and Certified Information Privacy Professionals (CIPP) to fulfill your auditing needs.


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Internal control is designed to assist organizations in achieving their objectives. Monitoring of controls is an ongoing process to periodically assess and sustain the management of internal controls over time in support of continuous improvement.

In the past ten years, Samson has supported its clients to review their significant financial processes and controls, carry out assessments of the effectiveness of their internal controls in place for key business processes, and conducting on-going monitoring for all three areas:

  • Entity-Level Controls
  • IT General Controls
  • Business Processes Controls (including application controls)

The approach proposed by Samson is based on the COSO framework and considers key policy instruments issued by the Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) for Federal Government Departments and Agencies.


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Forensic auditing and investigation involves the financial affairs of an entity and is often associated with investigations into alleged fraudulent activity.

Forensic investigation refers to the whole process of investigating a financial matter, including potentially acting as an expert witness if the fraud comes to trial.

The range of forensic and investigations related services provided by Samson include:

  • Forensic accounting
  • Facts findings
  • Establishment of effective continuous auditing for fraud detection
  • Fraud and allegation investigations
  • Anti-Fraud Programs - Fraud Awareness and Prevention Processes
  • Administrative inquiries
  • Computer skills related to forensic requirements


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The fundamental purpose of the financial statement audit is to provide independent assurance that management has presented a “true and fair” view of an organization/company’s financial performance and position. It underpins the trust and obligation of stewardship between those who manage and those who own it or otherwise have a need for a clear and objective view. And that list of stakeholders is wide — from the audit committee, public stakeholders, shareholders, employees and suppliers, to customers, banks, regulatory bodies and analysts.

Samson conducts financial statement audits in accordance with Canadian Auditing Standards as well as vast array of other assurance services (special reports, reviews, etc)


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Samson provides evaluation for all levels of government, social service agencies, and non-profit organizations. We have conducted program evaluations in legislation, social services, health care, economic development, resource development, housing, agriculture, and education.

Key services include:

  • Evaluation of social and economic programs
  • Performance measurement
  • Administrative reviews
  • Effectiveness assessment
  • Cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit


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Samson can provide your organization with a life cycle approach to training and facilitation services using traditional or e-learning delivery methods.


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