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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Public Service

Samson is pleased to announce the opening of registrations for his upcoming course titled "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Public Service". This intensive course is specially designed for public sector employees who wish to gain a deep understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Course Details:

  • Date: Sept. 23-24 2024 (FR) and Sept. 30 - Oct. 1st 2024 (ENG)
  • Course Duration: 2 half-days
  • Cost: $295
  • Method of Delivery: Online, live via Microsoft Teams
  • Course Availability: English and French
  • Maximum Participants: 30

Course Description:

This intensive course is structured to provide a comprehensive understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to public sector employees. The first day is dedicated to the theoretical foundations of AI, while the second day focuses on practical applications, with a specific emphasis on public sector workflows.

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your skills and integrate AI into your professional practices!

Download course sheet (PDF) 

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