Défi des entreprises - Novembre 2018

Congratulations to our two Samson & Associates teams for their second participation at the Défi des Entreprises de Gatineau, Edition 2018. We are very proud of our Lady and Gentlemen, and for having defended with strength, honor, sweat and humor our colors and placed 8th and 27th out of 42 teams.

The Pineapple team: Alain, Mathieu, Daniel, Tiffany and the PopSicle team: Alexandre, Jean-Luc, Jean-Christophe and William were particularly distinguished by their spirit of sacrifice (see tomb of Hercules), their intellectual subtlety (a.k.a Haunted House) and their modest costume (discreet and de rigueur of course).

Results: The feeling of well done work and the desire to enroll in a gym to finish 1st next year. We also thank the organizing committee for putting this great initiative to the benefit of Centraide Outaouais.

Suit-up and see you next year.